We offer high quality range of Cement Performance Enhancement Service. We offer Cement Project Implementation Services. These services are rendered on the basis of clients requirements. We offer our services at market leading prices. Our services include :

Basic Engineering:

Equipped with an updated database and wide international experience, our specialists design the most optimum technological concept for the project. Inherent in the concept are the system design, equipment & storage sizing, plant layout and process flow sheets.

Detailed Engineering:

With mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and civil engineering services available under one roof and interlinked through a Local Area Network, the customer is assured of completion of engineering activities in the shortest possible time and without rework. Past experience with similar equipment and painstakingly created databases ensure a continuous supply of data, documents and drawings to the site for uninterrupted work even when supplier provided information is delayed.

Review Engineering:

Increasingly being used in a project where detailed engineering is taken up by a turnkey contractor. Our specialists add value to the client's efforts by functioning as the owner's engineer, thus mitigating the possibilities of sub-optional design and depressed performance on turns.

Project Planning & Monitoring:

Having engineered over 75 cement projects in the turnkey, semi-turnkey and shopping modes, our project management team is fully equipped to identify, plan and monitor critical project activities which most influence completion schedules. Latest software tools are effectively used to exception - report project progress and recommend suitable corrective action.


Our specialists help customers in selecting the best equipment and in obtaining the most competitive offers from the suppliers. Our database, experience in dealing with various suppliers, as well as knowledge based on past performance unerringly enable the right choice.


Correction at the root’ is the basic philosophy pursued by our inspection specialists. This, coupled with stage inspections employing stringent quality standards helps not only in saving precious time during erection and commissioning but also in ensuring sustainable equipment performance.

Site Supervision:

Engineers specializing in civil construction and equipment erection provide designer supervision during the implementation phase of the project. They, additionally, assist in start-up and plant commissioning by ensuring that individual items of plant and machinery and the department/ plant as a whole, meet performance criteria as laid down in the specifications, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Mines Scheduling & Optimization:

To ensure proper exploitation of minerals from the mines, minimizing costs and maximizing deposit life; mines scheduling is carried out by our geologist & mining engineers using contemporary software platforms, successfully implemented in over 60 large cement plants across the world.

Market Entry Strategies:

The focus is on identifying the most competitively attractive new markets for an incipient or growing organization and developing strategies to facilitate a smooth entry. This is achieved through a thorough assessment of the organization's competitive position vis-à-vis current and potential competitors, market conditions and the likely response of these competitors to a new entrant.Content required