The consultancy services provided by Asiel in the area of education would cover the following aspects:

Strategic Planning and Branding

We develop the brand by creating an identity of the institution. It would be aimed at building and maintaining a unified messaging platform for which it would require a well thought strategy perfectly aligned with the ultimate vision, mission of the institute. Building of a Brand Development Program requires a strong strategy involving many phased programs and activities to ensure establishment of a distinct identity of the institution synonymous to quality education and learning.

Scenario envisioning, diagnostic workshops and SWOT analysis, strategic workshops and long term planning, detailed cause-effects mapping of plans and initiatives, target setting, parameterization and review, incorporating international best practices, media planning – focused brand management, ensuring return of investment of branding initiatives, revenue enhancements, pricing negotiations and optimal network

Academic Excellence

Academic processes are vital for an institution as the courses and curriculum form one of the prime components of any educational program. The courses and programmes needs to be designed to cater the needs of every student and to enhance their skills and talent. The course designing should be carefully and meticulously designed to respond to the needs of all associated with the educational institution.

We work with educational practitioners and industry professional for an effective course/program design. Program Management, Ideating and Implementing Academic Review Process, Ideating R&D Program, Alliances with other domestic and international institutes, Seminars and Conferences.

Human Resource Management

The establishment and installation of the Human Resource department of a company is vital for the effective and efficient operation of the same. It includes every policy, structure system required for an Human resource department/wing to operate and meet the needs of both the company as well as the employees.

Human Resource manual is designed for the internal circulation of the HR Department. It should give the HR Policy of the company and a broad overview of the various HR processes like manpower planning, recruitment, compensation and benefits, training, employee administration, etc. With the growth of an organization, various other processes may be added to it to keep the manual updated. It should lead to the next level of documentation, wherever required.

Infrastructure creation

Infrastructure of an educational establishment not only supports and facilitates the education programs but also promotes learning and research. It also assists the development and promotion of the brand identity.

We conduct assessment of infrastructural need, project planning, project design, ROI calculation, multiple uses of facilities.

Information Technology Management

Educational institutions are first movers when it comes to using technology. IT enablement has become a must as the education system and programs require being in sync with technological development. Not only that, but it empowers research and training, support learning and promotes sharing of knowledge. On a strategic scale IT enabled institutes encourage learning in every way. There are various concepts for IT enabled educational campuses like e-Campus, Education ERP, Converged Campus, RFID I-Cards etc.

We also facilitate e-Learning, On-line review, e-Examination, Education BPO.