Food Processing

Food processing involves any type of value addition to agricultural or horticultural produce and also includes processes such as grading, sorting, packaging which enhance shelf life of food products.Indian food processing industry is widely recognized as a 'sunrise industry' having huge potential for uplifting agricultural economy, creation of large scale processed food manufacturing and food chain facilities, and the resultant generation of employment and export earnings. The industry is estimated to be worth around US$ 67 billion and employing about 13 million people directly and about 35 million people indirectly.

ASIEL has a pool of highly Qualified & Experienced Professionals (Food Technologist, Food Scientist & Engineers). We take up turnkey projects on many Processed Foods. Some of them are mentioned below.

• Ready To Serve Beverages (Fruit Based Beverages/Drinks like Frooti, Appy, Slice, Maaza, Real etc.). • Packaged Drinking Water & Soda • Carbonated Soft Drinks & Still Drinks • Ice Creams & Candies • Dairy Plant- We can set up full fledged dairy plant with capacity of 10KL 200KL per day for milk (in pouches) with products like curd, Lassi, Paneer, Ghee etc. • Break Fast Cereals (like Corn Flakes) • Snack Foods (Potato Chips, extruded snacks like Kurkure, Cheeseballs, ethnic Indian Snacks like Bhujia, Chanachurs, Coated Pea Nuts etc.). • Edible Oils (Rice Bran Oil, Soyabean Oil etc.). • Bakery Products (Biscuits, Cokies, Crackers, Cakes etc.). • Meat & Poultry Products (right from Abbatoirs/Slaughter house to frozen meat products like cuts, fillets etc.;ready to cook/ready to eat meat products like Sausages, Salami, Kababs, Samosas etc.). • IQF(Individually Frozen Food) Project: a)Fruits & Vegetables b)Sea Foods like Prawns, Baby Octopuses, Squids etc. • Traditional Fruits & Vegetable Processing: Pulps, Purees, Pastes; Jam/Jelly/Marmalade; Sauces & Ketchups; Pickles; Chutneys; Squashes/Syrups etc. • Rice Mills: Asiel has capability to set up most modern rice mills with state of the art technology. • Powdered Spices, Besan, Sattu etc. on medium to large scale.

Panel of Expert(s) in Food Processing:

Mr.Chittaranjan Ghosh, M.Sc(Food Tech) CFTRI has 28years of working in companies like Keventer Agro, Duncan Agro, ITC etc.

Dr. Dipankar Basu, Ex-Corporate Head, Q.C. of Britannia Industries Ltd.

Mr. Asit Ghosh, Ex-Chief Engineer, Britannia Industries Ltd

Mr. Basudev Saha, M.Sc (Food Tech-CFTRI, PGDM-IIMC) Ex-GM Hindustan Vegetable Oil Corporation.

Mr.Amit Kr. Acharya, M.Sc(Food Tech,CFTRI) Ex-GM CDF,Aligargh.

Mr. P.P.Bhattacharyya, M.Sc(Dairy Tech),MBA, worked for NDDB for more than 25 years.

Agriculture & Horticulture

Asiel Consultants has expertise in the following fields:

1. Hi-Tech Horticulture- includes Tissue Culture, Green House, Poly House, Shed-Net etc. for cultivation of exotic vegetables like Brocoli, Colored Capsicum, Cherry Tomatoes etc.; fruits like Banana, Papya,Mango, Litchi, Guava etc.; propagation of fruits & orchards. 2. Floriculture- for cultivation of flowers, packaging & preservation. 3. Seed Production: Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses & Oilseeds. 4. Soil Testing. 5. Integrated nutrient management, integrated Pest Management. 6. Bio-Fertilizer & Bio-Pesticides- Production & Management. 7. Organic Farming. 8. Pisiculture: Freshwater Fisheries including Scampi(Galda Chingri) , Brackishwater Fisheries (Shell Fishes-Bagda Chingri, Vanamei etc. & Finfishes). 9. Induced Breeding of IMC (Indian Major Carps-Rohu, Katla,Mrigel etc.). 10. Goat Farming. 11. Poultry Farming with latest techniques. 12. Contract Farming. 13. Subsidies from Central & State Govt. & other bodies like NHB,NHM,NABARD etc. 14. Linkage with with Agril Universities, Research Institutes, Govt. Departments etc.

Panel of Expert(s) in Agriculture & Horticulture:

Dr. Ashoke K. Chatterjee, Ph.D, Ex-Sr.Scientist-ICAR. He is Principal Consultant of Agri-Horti Division

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