Steel plays a crucial role in development of India. It encompasses recovery, refinement and processing of ferrous as well as non ferrous metals used in Iron & Steel production. Steel production in India is around 58 million tonnes / year against world production of 1350 million tonnes / year. Projected Indian steel production capacity for year 2020 is estimated to be 300 million tonnes / year.

Such a capacity creation requires huge design and engineering support in various facets of iron & steel making, starting from mining, beneficiation (crushing, screening, washing, jigging), iron making (DRI, BF), steel making (BOF, EAF, IF), continuous casting (slab, bloom, billet, near shape casting), rolling (hot & cold), finishing (annealing, galvanizing, tinning, color coating).

  • Iron making
  • Blast furnace and sinter plant
  • Coke oven
  • Steel making
  • Electric arc furnace
  • Vacuum degassing unit and laddle furnace
  • Rolling mills

Iron making

Asiel’s consultants have successfully completed various brown field modernization and expansion projects for Private and Public Sectors. Iron making (including ore beneficiation, agglomeration, blast furnace, DRI) is the first major step in iron & steel industry. It requires major input in the form of equipment, material, energy (fossil fuel and electric power) and utilities, which calls for enormous efforts in design, engineering, development and innovation activities, apart from project management, site supervision, commissioning and process support to face the challenge for achieving and sustaining technological excellence.

Blast furnace and sinter plant

  • Mine planning and beneficiation
  • Material handling systems
  • Direct reduction (gas iron and coal based)
  • Ferroalloys
  • Raw material agglomeration
  • Coke oven batteries and by product plant
  • Iron making-mini, midi and large / mega blast furnaces
  • Tubes and pipe plants
  • Process control and automation
  • Expansion and modernisation of iron and steel plants
  • Technological up-gradation of blast furnaces
  • Power and energy systems

Coke oven

  • Engineering services
  • Environmental impact assessment studies / environmental management services / environmental engineering
  • Plant relocation and rehabilitation
  • Commissioning services
  • Budgetary cost control / cost engineering
  • Techno-economic evaluation of projects / financial assessment
  • Instrumentation and control system
  • Automation and computerisation
  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems
  • Communication systems
  • Simulation and modeling
  • Fire protection systems
  • Energy audit

Steel making

Asiel’s consultants have sizable number of steel making experts to take-up any project in area of steel making (including continuous casting).

Electric arc furnace

  • Steel melting shops - BOF, EAF, EOF and induction furnace technology
  • Secondary refining and melting

Vacuum degassing unit and laddle furnace

  • Pre feasibility studies
  • Market survey and studies
  • Site selection
  • Feasibility and detailed project reports
  • Basic engineering
  • Plant layout and master plan studies
  • Design and detailed engineering

Rolling mill

Asiel’s consultants have engineered various projects in rolling mill area, cold rolling mills and pickling line.